My primary business is altering bridal dresses. Since 2015 I have worked closely with Your Dream Bridal in Sudbury. (Malinda is fantastic!)  Whether it is a simple adjustment or major modifications, I will work with you to make your dress as close to perfect as we can.

For fittings we will arrange to come to your home (or your parents’ or friend’s home) in Metrowest / Central Massachusetts.

For 2024 weddings:

Wedding Date Appointments
May Full
June Full
July Full
August Full
September Full
October Full
November Full
December Available

For 2025 weddings:

Wedding Date Appointments
January Available
February Available
March Available
April Available
May Available
June Available
July Available
August Available
September Available
October Available
November Available
December Available



Face it, the fun part of quilting is the design and piecing of the top of the quilt.  Very few enjoy the actual “quilting” part of the project.  I have a 10 foot Gammill Quilting Machine available for quilts and quilted fabrics (upholstery) that makes quick work of that part of your project.  Whether a new design or looking to spruce up a well-worn family quilt, contact me and we’ll discuss the best way to approach your project. Because my primary business is bridal work, I tend to only accept quilting projects during the “off season” for weddings (fall/winter).

Other Projects

I work with interior designers, retailers, engineering companies, startups, and the occasional bridal party to create new designs, fix a problem, or repair/alter an existing design. Pretty vague, huh? Think of me as a “fabric mechanic”… Here are some sample projects I’ve worked on:

  • Supporting a number of well-known interior design retail stores, helping fine-tune orders or fix projects.
  • Work with a local engineering firm to create prototypes of fabric wrappings for medical devices.
  • Pre-production consulting and prototypes of raincoats for dogs.
  • Pre-production consulting and limited edition manufacturing for high-end iPhone/iPad cases.
  • Custom draperies and window treatments.
  • Pillows and Cushions for interior designers.
  • Machine quilting of custom fabrics for upholstery.
  • Bridal parties.
  • Prom dresses (from scratch or adapt).

Things I don’t do….

If you are looking for basic alterations (e.g., hemming, small adjustments) I recommend that you seek out your local dry cleaner – they often have the capability to handle that type of work.

For special occasion clothing, I don’t often handle prom dresses or wedding parties, especially during peak bridal season (which, lately, seems to be most of the year).

For home decorations, I’m no longer accepting projects with larger items such as draperies, slip covers, or sofa cushions.  Because my primary business is bridal work, I tend to only accept home dec work during the “off season” for weddings (fall/winter).

If you’re not sure – please feel free to call or text me and we can discuss.